Professional pond maintenance

pond maintenance

Do you want to get rid of algae in your pond, muck on the bottom, prevent fish kills, make the water clearer, or all of the above? We can help you.

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Protect and Restore Your Pond

Beneficial Proactive Approach

Our goal is to assist you in finding environmentally friendly solutions to challenging pond issues, using minimal chemicals and the safest, most sustainable methods. We believe in a proactive approach to pond maintenance and aim to address the root of the problem with long-term solutions, such as aeration, natural bacteria, non-toxic pond dyes, natural phosphate binders, and fish. Our aim is to balance your pond, rather than relying on reactive chemicals that can contribute to nutrient accumulation.

All of the herbicides and algaecides we use are EPA-approved for ponds and lakes and are applied according to their labels to ensure the safety of your pets, fish, wildlife, and the surrounding environment. Beneficial bacteria help to reduce muck, improve water clarity, and enhance fish health, while pond dye reduces light penetration to lower water temperature and slow algae growth. Herbicides are used to control harmful invasive plants, and algaecides help to minimize algae growth. Natural phosphate binders make nutrients unavailable to algae and weeds.

What Does Our Monthly Service Include?

We provide monthly pond maintenance which includes the following services:

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Man putting beneficial bacteria in pond

Beneficial Bacteria Increase Water Clarity and Health

To maintain optimal water quality and reduce odors, it is helpful to use beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and phosphate binders. These substances work by breaking down suspended organics and binding phosphates, which are nutrients that can contribute to poor water quality and algae growth. In older ponds, or those that require chemical treatment, it can be especially useful to supplement the natural bacterial population with professional-strength natural bacteria. This can help to maintain clarity and balance in the pond's ecosystem over the long term.

Beautiful pond with native plants and ducks

Controlling Weeds and Algae in Your Pond

During our monthly visits, we will treat various types of algae, including emerging algae, floating algae, and Chara (also known as muskgrass). We also monitor and treat common invasive plants along the shoreline, such as torpedo grass, primrose, willow, and cattail. If any exotic invasive plants appear, we will evaluate them and provide recommendations for treatment as needed. It is important to note that aquatic herbicides, which may be used during these treatments, are highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and are safe for non-target plants and animals when applied according to the product label. While some people may be concerned about the use of herbicides in water, it is important to understand that these products are not harmful when used properly.

Pond colorant in pond

Pond Dye Improves Water Quality

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your pond, pond dyes can also provide several benefits for the health of your fish. By blocking light penetration, pond dye can protect fish from predators and help keep the water cooler, allowing the fish to breathe easier. In the summer, as the water gets warmer, it can't hold as much oxygen. So, the warmer the water gets, the less oxygen there is. Additionally, pond dye can help reduce the growth of weeds and algae, improving the overall water quality of your pond. Overall, using pond dye is a simple and effective way to improve the health and well-being of your pond and fish.

Beautiful pond with plants and trees

Phosphate Binders Reduce Nutrients

Our all-natural phosphate binders, made from minerals, are a safe and effective way to eliminate nutrients that can promote the growth of algae and weeds in your pond. By using our proprietary blend of binding minerals in the water, you can quickly and permanently remove phosphorus without affecting the water's quality or chemistry. These binders are completely natural and do not pose any risks to the environment, human health, or wildlife.

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Our Services

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Our monthly pond service can help you solve challenging problems and provide proactive solutions to maintaining the health and beauty of your pond.

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